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Ranikhet Destination Facts

Ranikhet, also known as Queen’s meadow is a beautiful old-time hillock situated in Almora district of Uttarakhand. Dense oak and pine forests on the hills of Ranikhet provide a dazing view against the Himalayan Mountain range. Healthy climate, Burbling streams, cool breeze and sweet bird chirps are what bring you to this place. The beauty and attraction of Ranikhet can be determined from the fact that once it was proposed to be the summer capital of British Raj instead of Shimla.

Queen Padmini of Kumaun was bewitched by the appeal of this place and so would you. Ranikhet is also a camp town of Kumaun and Naga Regiment of Indian Army. Like many other hill stations of India, Ranikhet too is a sleepy little town minus the hustle-bustle of tourists.

Away from the noise of metros and cities this hill town celebrates the nature and its bounties. Surrounded by the best of sceneries this place is a must visit for all the nature lovers.